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About North Mountain Park &
                                                                        The Nature Center

                                                                North Mountain Park Nature Center, located next to
                                                               Bear Creek at 620 N Mountain Ave., offers a variety of
                                                               programs and exhibits.  All year round, from sunrise to
                                                               sunset, visitors can enjoy the Demonstration Gardens,
                                                                    nature trails, pavilion, picnic and play areas.

                                                                    NATURE CENTER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                                                                      TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 9AM- 1 PM

                  Look for this icon for programs in North Mountain Park!

           Meet North Mountain Park’s Weed Warriors
           “When you are feeling concerned about the state of our planet, sometimes it helps to just get out and do

           These folks do A LOT for North Mountain Park. From the 3rd week in March to mid-November, this group of
           dedicated volunteers show up every Thursday morning to work in North Mountain Park’s natural habitat area.
           They do everything from pulling star thistle, to cutting blackberry, to planting native shrubs. Their work helps
           to improve the park’s wildlife habitat, supports good watershed function, and offers visitors a nice experience
           while walking, sitting, and wildlife-watching in North Mountain Park.

           “It’s really a type of therapy” say some of the volunteers, who regularly show up to talk with friends and work
           together, caring for a park they enjoy visiting. Removing blackberries, a team favorite, has the added benefit
           of removing potential fire fuels and freeing native trees and shrubs for healthy growth.  You may see their
           piles of cut blackberries near trails and roadsides, awaiting removal by hardworking APRC staff. Our parks
           could never look so nice without our dedicated volunteers and our community would not be the same without
           our beautiful parks!

                     For more information, call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606 or visit

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