Mixing business and pleasure. On May 10th we had the pleasure of joining the Rogue Creamery in Hong Kong for HOFEX 2011—Asia's Leading Food and Hospitality Tradeshow. As if going to Hong Kong wasn't exciting enough, we also purchased a Colorflash Camera from Lomography in Taipei to help capture the color of the city.

This is a little side project we collaborated on recently. We did a couple of illustrations to be used as a fundraiser for the children at Our Friends Orphanage, in Cambodia. You can purchase a shirt on our Zazzle shop and learn more at www.ourfriendsorphanage.org.

One of the benefits of owning your own agency is you can take it with you 'on the road.' For 2011 we are working primarily out of Taipei, and soaking up the art and culture of southeast Asia. This is the little shrine down the road from our mountain house in Ping Deng li. Read more on our blog.