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how to register

                               For full program descriptions and to register, visit
                                      Registration is required for all programs, unless otherwise indicated

           APRC’s New Registration

 #YourLogo# Platform to Better Serve You

                                                           Proudly serving #YourOrganizationName#

               Step 1:   Go to and select Senior, Youth, or Adult Program to locate activities
               Step 2:   Click the ‘> category name’ and ‘+ subcategory name’ selections to display activities
               Step 3:   Click the green/orange button underneath the word ‘Session’
               Step 4:   Login or create an account with your e-mail address. Make logging in even easier with your Facebook,
                      Microsoft, or Google account credentials!
               Step 5:   Complete checkout once you’ve selected all of your activities
 is Switching to a New eCommerce

               NOTE: When setting up the account it will send an email for confirmation, this may end up in your SPAM folder.

 Platform to Better Serve You
                 ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT
                                                                      STILL NEED HELP?
               •  Smart Rec allows you to store payment methods and keep
                 all members of your household under one main ‘Account   •  Call 541.488.5340 (Please allow one to two
                                                                         business days for a reply)
                 Owner’ for quick and easy registrations
               •  Select ‘My Account’ in the drop down menu under your   •  Come into an APRC facility:
                 e-mail address in the upper right corner
 A 5-step guide to help you get started
                                                                         o  For general and Nature Center programs:
               •  Select ‘Members’ in the left side menu to manage your
                                                                            The Grove, 1195 E Main
                 household members
               •  Select ‘Wallet’ to manage payment methods for quicker      Mon, Wed, Fri:  9am-1pm
                 registrations                                                Nature Center, 620 N Mountain Ave
                                                                            Tue, Thu: 9am-1pm
               •  Select ‘Purchases’ to keep track of you and your
                 household’s activities                                  o  For senior programs:
               Smart Rec has a smart phone app to keep track of your
 1  Go to                                                 Ashland Senior Center, 1699 Homes Ave
                                                                            Mon-Thu, 8:30am-3:30pm
               account too! Visit for more info.

 2  Click on the ‘Register’ button
                 WHAT’S A “MULTIPASS”?

                  A Multipass functions as a virtual “punchcard” that gives you a total number of admissions
 3  Create your account*
                   to select activities and classes. You can purchase a Multipass like any other activity on our
                  registration website.  When you arrive to a class or facility using a Multipass simply provide
                   your name or scan your Account ID using the Amilia App on your smartphone and that’s it!
                  Please be sure to review terms such as expiration and limitations of Multipasses before purchase.
 Once connected to your User Account, click on your email address (top right
 of your screen) and go to my account
                      Interested in becoming an instructor for APRC?
                            Find everything you need to know at

 5  Click on members and add your personal information and address
      2                     APRC 2024 Summer PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St


 *If your account was transferred, you should have received an
 email. Simply follow the instructions to reset your password and
 follow the next steps.
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