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About North Mountain Park &
                                                                        The Nature Center

                                                                North Mountain Park Nature Center, located next to
                                                               Bear Creek at 620 N Mountain Ave., offers a variety of
                                                               programs and exhibits.  All year round, from sunrise to
                                                               sunset, visitors can enjoy the Demonstration Gardens,
                                                                    nature trails, pavilion, picnic and play areas.

                                                                    NATURE CENTER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                                                                      TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 9AM- 1 PM

                  Look for this icon for programs in North Mountain Park!

           Sponsor Spotlight: Rogue Valley Audubon Society
           For more than 20 years the Rogue Valley Audubon Society (RVAS) has partnered with the Nature Center
           to support wild birds and provide educational opportunities. Through generous donations and committed
           volunteers, RVAS has been crucial to the Nature Center’s education and stewardship programs.

           In wintertime RVAS supports Project Feederwatch, a nationwide bird-count hosted by Cornell University. With
           gloved hands and cold noses, they collect data and host community events every other Saturday, teaching
           visitors about winter birds. They also provide funding to keep the bird feeders full all winter.

           From spring to fall RVAS members lead free bird walks (see page 11), offering loaner binoculars and friendly
           guidance, on monthly birding excursions in N Mtn Park.

           Behind the scenes, RVAS members are quietly collecting data through monthly bird monitoring or cleaning
           nesting boxes each winter. They are also vital donors and supporters of Rogue Valley Bird Day, a local
           celebration of World Migratory Bird Day. RVAS members co-host this free, all-ages, event which provides
           bird and habitat education through fun activities and exhibits. Learn more at

           The Nature Center would like to take a moment to thank RVAS for sharing their love of birds and the joy of
           birding with the community. To learn more about RVAS visit

                     For more information, call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606 or visit

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