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community opportunities

              SAVE THE DATE!

                                  April 27


                             at The Grove

                  Buy, sell, or donate a bike, parts, or accessories
                  at this festive and long-running annual event. A
                  portion of each sale will go to fund youth bike
                  education programs in local public schools.

                       in Partnership

                   Learn more and stay up to date.


           The Bike Education Program

           The Bike Education Program, a partnership of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) and the Rogue
           Valley Transportation District (RVTD), in collaboration with Ashland Schools Foundation and Ashland Parks
           Foundation, is focused on bringing bike safety and lifelong bike confidence to elementary school students in
           the Rogue Valley. The program sends trained instructors into classrooms and gets students out for practice
           rides. These safe and fun classes give students the tools they need to cycle with confidence and teach them
           how to be responsible riders.

           The program is funded primarily through the Rogue Valley Bike Swap, an annual event which provides
           an opportunity to find an affordable bike, sell a used bike, and learn about bike advocacy and alternative
           transportation methods. APRC and RVTD hold weekly volunteer work parties, where donated bikes are tuned
           up and made ready to sell at the swap or donated to local organizations for distribution to those in need.

           The Bike Education Program aims to educate every student in the Rogue Valley about proper bike safety
           techniques. Donations support the hiring of classroom instructors and help to purchase a trailered fleet of
           new bikes for use in our schools.

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